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Mood of Olentium Le Parfum

Perfume Mood – Olentium Le Parfum

The mood of Olentium Le Parfum, our brand's signature fragrance. Its notes, the images it evokes, and the season and the personality to wear it.
How to choose your wedding perfume

How to choose your wedding perfume

Choose your wedding fragrance as a talisman for your special day. Our guide helps you choose a wedding perfume to love now and cherish forever.
buy botanical perfumes

How To Enjoy & Sample Botanical Perfumes

The beauty of natural botanical perfumes is their complexity and personality. I've some tips on how to get to know them so you can appreciate and sample them at their best.
expensive natural perfumes

Why Natural Perfumes Are Expensive

Would you pay $650 for a 50ml botanical perfume? Some do. Perfume's price is subjective as perfumery can be considered art. We take a look at why some natural perfumes are so expensive.
how to wear botanical perfume - 6 tips

6 Tips on Wearing Botanical Perfumes

6 practical tips to help you wear botanical perfumes to their full potential, appreciating their complex nature and overcoming criticisms of their sillage and longevity.