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Created in our atelier on a Mediterranean island, Olentium botanical spa skincare and wellness perfumes are slow beauty for self and soul.


scented self care

Olentium, our Latin name, loosely means 'of scent, odor or smell'. Scent as therapeutic well-being is integral to all our formulations - skincare and perfumes.

Olentium 'Ritual & Renew Beauty Oil 12/24' and the first of our Laits de Parfum arrive this autumn. We ship worldwide.

laits de parfum

Inspired by the glamour of the Italian Riviera in the 1950s, our first Laits de Parfum emulsion perfumes launch autumn '21.

With Mediterranean neroli, orange blossom and citrus accented with rose, amber, jasmine and musk, our perfume milks atomise as an ultra-fine satin mist to both scent and moisturise your skin.

Crafted for slow scented rituals.

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