Slow Beauty Selfcare

Olentium eco-conscious skincare and scents bring deserved luxury to everyday beauty rituals.

Created in our atelier on a Mediterranean island, Olentium botanical spa skincare and wellness perfumes are slow beauty for self and soul.

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Silk Perfume Oils

Inspired by mid-century Italian Riviera style, the first edition perfume oils launch summer '21.

With Mediterranean notes such as Egyptian neroli and orange blossom, Italian bergamot and bigarade with rare rose otto, Arabian & Indian jasmines and sultry musk, our oils are crafted for slow scented beauty rituals.

Our Soie de Parfums, or silken perfumes, are unique natural blends in a dry, light skin-feel oil base with a small amount of pure grain alcohol to give radiance.

Olentium Soie de Parfums are high concentrates of fragrance and blended from 100% natural, botanical essential oils, absolutes, tinctures, CO2 extracts and their isolated components. We choose organic oils whenever possible and strive to source only those we know the provenance of.

“There are no women who do not like perfume,
there are women who have not found their scent.”

Marilyn Monroe
olentium serum
Olentium skincare


We create both our spa skincare and scents in micro batches to ensure our formulations contain the best quality, new season's botanical ingredients. Olentium perfumed oils are serendipitous scents to covet, collect and layer creatively as you desire in harmony with the seasons and your mood.

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Scent as Well-being

Olentium, our Latin name, loosely means 'of scent, odor or smell'. Scent as therapeutic well-being is integral to all our formulations - skincare and perfume oils.

Olentium 'Ritual & Renew Beauty Oil 12/24' and 'Neroli Nuda Soie de Parfum' are available from mid July. We will ship worldwide.

Care for your skin sensually with Olentium luxury botanical rituals.