Natural vs Sustainable perfume

Natural vs Sustainable Perfumes – which are better?

Are natural perfumes sustainable? We explain the differences between natural and sustainable and guide the perfume buyer on what to ask about their favourite perfume brands about sustainability.
How to choose your wedding perfume

How to choose your wedding perfume

Choose your wedding fragrance as a talisman for your special day. Our guide helps you choose a wedding perfume to love now and cherish forever.
Train your sense of smell

How to Train your Sense of Smell

Our dumbed-down, denigrated sense of smell - our so-called 5th sense - is rarely used to its full potential. But you can rekindle it to live a more scentsational life!
Can you use Perfume as Hand Sanitizer FAQs

Perfume as Hand Sanitizer: Q&A

Can you use up old perfume as hand sanitizer? We examine what hand sanitizer is and how it works and why perfume isn't always a good replacement.
How to read a perfume ingredients label

Perfume Ingredients: How to Read a Flacon Label

Do you know what ingredients are in your favourite perfume? Time then to take a deep dive into what's listed on the packaging and what's not. What lies behind the catch-all 'Parfums'?
perfect perfume present - a guide to giving perfume

Guide to Gifting the Perfect Perfume Present

With the last shopping days before Christmas near, we look at the risks and rewards of gifting that perfect perfume present and offer tips to avoid a panic-bought scented dud.