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reasons to wear perfume

Psychology of Scent: 25 Reasons to Wear Perfume

Discover the allure of scent with 25 captivating reasons why we choose to wear perfume. From boosting confidence to evoking memories, explore the art of fragrance for a delightful sensory journey.
after vacation skincare wellness tips

Glow On: 10 Tips for After Vacation Skincare and Wellness

Say goodbye to post-trip blues. Boost your post-vacation routine with these 10 expert tips for maintaining your holiday glow and embracing wellness practices.
Mediterranean skincare diet secrets

Reveal Your Inner “Italian” – beauty secrets of a Mediterranean Diet

Discover the beauty secrets of an ancient Mediterranean diet and learn how to adopt it to effortlessly radiate southern European wellness of skin, soul and self.
tips on wearing perfume like a pro

Perfume perfection: insider tips on wearing perfume like a pro

Want a change from your signature scent or to know how to make perfume last longer? See our top tips on wearing perfume like a pro.
Best summer perfumes and how to choose them

Summer Perfumes: the best fragrance to beat the heat

Guide on how to choose the best summer perfumes to enjoy the season and make scented memories of summer that will last a lifetime.
Fiorissima Parfum Extrait Oil Perfume

Olentium launches oil-based perfumes – perfect for sensitive skin

Discover our oil-based perfumes in extrait strength. Kind-to-skin, alcohol-free versions of our eau de parfums available in 15ml atomisers.
tips on natural perfume

Scent Savvy: The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Natural Perfume

Elevate your scent game with the beauty of nature. Discover essential tips for embracing natural, botanical perfumes, from application techniques to enhancing longevity. Unlock the world of their fragrance magic.
Duty free perfume buying tips

Duty-free Perfume Buying Tips – Travel Scents

Do you impulse buy perfume in the duty-free 'golden hour? Our travel scents' tips help you avoid buying a dud fragrance when shoping airside.
skin biome probiotics

From Gut to Glam: Probiotics and the New Era of Skin Wellness

Discover the groundbreaking trend of using probiotics for skin wellness. Explore how probiotics are redefining beauty routines and learn how to harness their power for a healthier, glowing you.