Fiorissima Parfum Extrait Oil Perfume

Olentium launches oil-based perfumes – perfect for sensitive skin

Discover our oil-based perfumes in extrait strength. Kind-to-skin, alcohol-free versions of our eau de parfums available in 15ml atomisers.
Mood of Olentium Le Parfum

Perfume Mood – Olentium Le Parfum

The mood of Olentium Le Parfum, our brand's signature fragrance. Its notes, the images it evokes, and the season and the personality to wear it.
Olentium Le Parfum, a Mediterranean fragrance

Olentium Le Parfum, a Mediterranean fragrance story

Olentium Le Parfum, a Mediterranean fragrance that island hops from Capri to Sicily and Malta. A genderless citrus-floral with herbal notes.
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5 Niche Perfume Brands You Must Try

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REasons to love using perfume oils

Perfume Oils: 4-in-1 Fragrant Beauty

Discover 4 incredible benefits of using natural perfume oils in your beauty regime. Both perfume & carrier oils can be effective in skincare.
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Top 10 Best Spring Perfumes

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