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Boschetto Cologne Intense natural by Olentium

Breathing Botanicals with Boschetto Natural Cologne Intense

Olentium's Boschetto natural cologne intense launches in spring 2024. 100% natural and vetiver forward, Boschetto is a contemporary take on the trad cologne.
Best summer perfumes and how to choose them

Summer Perfumes: the best fragrance to beat the heat

Guide on how to choose the best summer perfumes to enjoy the season and make scented memories of summer that will last a lifetime.
citrus perfumes for all year round

Beyond Bergamot: Citrus Perfumes to love all year

Citrus perfumes are not just for summer. We review a top pick of citrus-note fragrances to demo their magic in all fragrance families.
leather notes in perfume history

Perfume’s Love of Leather: a history

Leather perfumes are perfumery’s unrequited love affair. Our brief history of leather perfumes takes you from its origins in 16th century Florence and French tanneries to 20th century decadence.