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citrus notes in perfume

Citrus notes in fragrances

Citrus perfumes are loved all year round. We list our top citrus fragrances from the aquatic to the zingy citrus notes to enliven the senses. 
Train your sense of smell

Train your Nose to Appreciate Perfumes

Our dumbed-down, denigrated sense of smell - our so-called 5th sense - is rarely used to its full potential. But you can rekindle it to live a more scentsational life!
shopping for perfume

Stressfree Shopping for Perfume

Five tips for shopping for perfume and a guide to giving the perfect perfume present. Your gift recipients will thank you all the more.
perfumery resources and courses

Perfume Resources and Courses: learn & indulge

Perfume resources and courses from perfume blogs, niche fragrance brands, retailers and suppliers to perfumery courses online.