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Best Vetiver perfumes for men and women

Fragrant Roots: 8 Best Vetiver Perfumes for Men and Women

Vetiver, the ultimate note for both men's and women's perfumes. From sweet and resinous to earthy and smoky, we pick 8 best vetiver perfumes.
Fiorissima white floral fragrance

Fiorissima Eau de Parfum: a White Floral Fragrance for Spring into Summer

We tour the 80s' iconic big white floral fragrances and explore our own Fiorissima EDP, with its glamour, romance and opulence in notes of gardenia, tuberose and jasmine.
Boschetto Cologne Intense product page

Breathing Botanicals with Boschetto Cologne Intense

Olentium Boschetto Cologne Intense launches spring 2024. 95% natural, cedar- and vetiver-forward Boschetto is a contemporary take on the classic Italian cologne.
Best summer perfumes and how to choose them

Summer Perfumes: the best fragrance to beat the heat

Guide on how to choose the best summer perfumes to enjoy the season and make scented memories of summer that will last a lifetime.
citrus perfumes for all year round

Beyond Bergamot: Citrus Perfumes to love all year

Citrus perfumes are not just for summer. We review a top pick of citrus-note fragrances to demo their magic in all fragrance families.
leather notes in perfume history

Perfume’s Love of Leather: a history

Leather perfumes are perfumery’s unrequited love affair. Our brief history of leather perfumes takes you from its origins in 16th century Florence and French tanneries to 20th century decadence.