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reasons to wear perfume

Psychology of Scent: 25 Reasons to Wear Perfume

Discover the allure of scent with 25 captivating reasons why we choose to wear perfume. From boosting confidence to evoking memories, explore the art of fragrance for a delightful sensory journey.
Perfume instagrammers

10 Top Perfume Instagrammers to Follow

Edit of 10 top perfume Instagrammers to follow in 2019 from industry professional nez and indie perfumers to critical fragrance reviewers.
Chanel No 5 limited edition

Chanel No.5 vs Gabrielle: perfume review

As giant, ruby red Chanel No 5 limited edition 2018 decorate London this Christmas, I compare the feted No 5 with her namesake frag of 2017.
expensive natural perfumes

Why Natural Perfumes Are Expensive

Would you pay $650 for a 50ml botanical perfume? Some do. Perfume's price is subjective as perfumery can be considered art. We take a look at why some natural perfumes are so expensive.