That Mediterranean wellness vibe


At Olentium, we're in love with the relaxed chic of the 1950s Italian Riviera from Cinque Terre to Capri, from Positano to Portofino.

Our spa skincare and scents invite you to live the wellness and lifestyle of these riviera resorts and to indulge in some slow-vibe Mediterranean living. We all deserve some luxury in our everyday, especially now.


Olentium Rituals 

Olentium creates cosmetics as moments of coveted calm for slow beauty rituals to reward both skin and soul.

Our ‘Ritual Spa’ skincare and perfumes take inspiration from the rhythm of a Mediterranean summer’s day from that first, fresh morning swim at dawn to the sultriness of the shore at night laced with scents of neroli, jasmine and orange blossom.

We formulate with just the precise skin-beneficial ingredients required - no more no less. Our high-performing formulations include bio-actives extracted from Mediterranean botanicals like olive, prickly pear, bitter orange, and grapes. We fuse these with deeply-nourishing, Mediterranean seed oils as well as clays and minerals in use since the times of ancient bathing rituals.

Our formulations are finely tuned to work on minimising the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation and hydrate, moisturise and give radiance to your skin.

Eco-conscious luxe 

Enjoying luxury natural, botanical cosmetics should not be at the expense of the natural world or ethical human endeavour. Mindful of our footprint and the wastage that is all too rife in the beauty world, Olentium is taking the steps we can, at the junctures we can, in our journey from start-up to established business. 

We source 100% natural ingredients and task ourselves to use organic wherever possible and we’ve built good relations with trusted, ethical raw ingredient suppliers. We seek to purchase raw materials from as close to our Mediterranean island home as possible. Our skincare actives have been developed by a pioneering labs in Sicily and France, and we source most of our perfumery oils from the countries around the Mediterranean's shores.

We use glass that can be recycled, strive to avoid single-use plastics and minimise packaging. We send our cosmetics in small cotton/linen pouches that can be reused for small keepsakes like jewellery. 


Our Sea, our home 

An Italophile and 20+ year expat in the Mediterranean, and having trained in both organic cosmetic formulation and natural perfumery, founder Liz Grech created Olentium to merge her dual passions of scent and skincare. The scents and native botanicals of the Mediterranean her Leitmotifs for both spa and water-based fragrance ranges. 

Olentium is based on the Maltese Archipelago on islands at the near centre of the Mediterranean. Once the crossroads of ancient shipping routes, the Maltese Islands have been influenced by Mediterranean cultures thousands of miles east and west. The Mediterranean sea surrounding us inspires the wellness we seek to impart in each of our products.

Our Launch

Olentium Ritual & Renew Beauty Oil 12/24 is available August '21. Our Lait de Parfums from September. Our online store will be live soon.

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