oud notes in perfume

Dare to wear Oud

Oud has an aura of eastern promise, recalling souks, Saracens and scents of centuries past. As we enter late autumn, oud tamed and tempered, may be just the note.
Best notes in autumn perfumes

Perfect Notes for Autumn Perfumes

It's the season to wrap up in a new autumn perfume. Our guide helps you discover the perfect warming perfumery notes to lift the spirits as shorter, colder days start.
Top 10 oud perfumes

Discover Oud Perfumes: a top 10

Oud notes in perfume can be a touch difficult to enjoy; edgy and unpredictable, overdosed or tempered to western fashion tastes. Oud or Agarwood may be mainstreaming but remains deep, dark and mysterious depending on the perfumer's desire. Explore oud.
marine notes in perfume

Scents of Summer: Marine Notes in Natural Perfume

Marine notes in perfume are notoriously hard for the natural perfumer to create? Not so! As you can't smell the sea, just the flora and fauna of shoreline and ocean, the natural perfumer has rich inspiration and freedom.