mimosa in skincare and perfume

Mimosa Flower Oil: uplifting for your skin & soul

Mimosa is a signature of spring in the Mediterranean. Its musky honey scent is gorgeous as a mid note and features in Acqua di Olentium EDP.
Leather notes in perfume

Leather Perfume Notes & 7 Leather Fragrances

Leather perfume notes and a top 7 leather fragrances to love and live in like an old leather jacket. Discover alluring and animalic leathers.
citrus perfumes for all year round

Beyond Bergamot: Citrus Perfumes to love all year

Citrus perfumes are not just for summer. We review a top pick of citrus-note fragrances to demo their magic in all fragrance families.
leather notes in perfume history

Perfume’s Love of Leather: a history of leather perfumes

Leather perfumes are perfumery’s unrequited love affair. Our brief history of leather perfumes takes you from its origins in 16th century Florence and French tanneries to 20th century decadence.
White floral fragrances - 6 narcotic floral notes

White Floral Fragrances & their Narcotic Notes

White floral fragrances have been the darling of perfumery for decades. We explore their history and 6 opulent, narcotic floral notes.
citrus notes in perfume

Citrus notes in fragrances

Citrus perfumes are loved all year round. We list our top citrus fragrances from the aquatic to the zingy citrus notes to enliven the senses. 
oud notes in perfume

Dare to wear Oud

Oud has an aura of eastern promise, recalling souks, Saracens and scents of centuries past. As we enter late autumn, oud tamed and tempered, may be just the note.
Best notes in autumn perfumes

Perfect Notes for Autumn Perfumes

It's the season to wrap up in a new autumn perfume. Our guide helps you discover the perfect warming perfumery notes to lift the spirits as shorter, colder days start.
Top 10 oud perfumes

Discover Oud Perfumes: a top 10

Oud notes in perfume can be a touch difficult to enjoy; edgy and unpredictable, overdosed or tempered to western fashion tastes. Oud or Agarwood may be mainstreaming but remains deep, dark and mysterious depending on the perfumer's desire. Explore oud.