Niche perfume trends in 2024

Trends in Perfumery: What’s Next for Niche Scents in 2024?

Explore the latest niche perfume trends in 2024, from the rise of independent perfumers to sustainable luxury and gender-neutral fragrances. We predict an olfactory renaissance of niche perfumery driven by rare ingredients and luxurious craftsmanship.
What is a natural perfume

Exactly what is a natural perfume?

How can we say for sure what is a natural perfume when worldwide there are no legal definitions of natural? We expose the issues and clarify the ingredients we feel make the grade as natural.
is perfume sustainable

How Sustainable is Your Natural Perfume?

How does the perfume consumer know if they are buying sustainable natural perfume? A look at the issues from field to flacon that face the perfumer in creating truly eco-friendly, sustainable perfume.
Chanel No 5 limited edition

Chanel No.5 vs Gabrielle: perfume review

As giant, ruby red Chanel No 5 limited edition 2018 decorate London this Christmas, I compare the feted No 5 with her namesake frag of 2017.
Perfume Vocabulary

Parlez Parfums: Perfume Vocabulary & Fragrance Terms

Do you know a perfume's sillage from its impact? Or a perfume's modifier from a fixative? Our perfume vocabulary guide helps you better explore, buy and wear perfumes to suit your expectations.
smuding and incense rituals

Smudging, incense rituals for spring cleansing

Smudging, a sacred ritual or trending buzz word for spring cleaning? We take a look at the origins, hype and realities about smudging - the ancient practice of burning aromatics to cleanse our spaces and clarify our minds.