Natural Skincare formulated for the seasons

Summertime is as harsh a climate for skin as winter, only we don't realise it as we dip our toes in the sand and surf. Before you set off on your next annual vacation, do cast you eyes down my top natural skincare tips for getting the glow, and keeping it all year too.

If your experience of my part of the world is of it as a blisteringly, hot summer holiday, then you won't know that the Mediterranean, closed sea that it is, has some treacherous weather, and as harsh a climate as any in northern Europe. Though I admit, we get more hours of sunshine with its all-important mood-lifting and Vitamin D-inducing benefits.

Natural Skincare Tips for all seasons

In Valletta, Malta's beautiful baroque capital, that juts out on a steep peninsula between two massive harbours, wind funnels through what is perhaps the first grid layout for a modern city (Valletta was founded in 1565).

The grid of streets bounded by high palaces creates a kind of air-conditioning effect in summer but a biting cold experience in winter. High on the peninsula lies 'The House of the Four Winds' that takes its name from the Mistral (a cold, north-easterly from France); the Grigale (a north-easterly from Greece & the Balkans; the Scirocco (a humid, clammy southerly across the Mediterranean from North Africa); and the Tramontana (cold north-westerly from the Pyrenees or northeasterly from the Alps to the Mediterranean).

Apart from affecting mood in a big way, these four winds with ancients names also have accompanying skincare challenges ranging from drastically drying our skin, wicking away its moisture, to giving it a massive dose of moisture (clammy, sweaty weather induces outbreaks as well as giving us that undesirable 'shiny' look).

Our approach is to formulate a skincare range that is in tune with the winds of changing seasons and not stereotypically formulated solely to meet skin types. Just as we feel like changing our diet and our clothes with each passing season (few of us yearn for a heart-warming soup in peak summer, let's face it), so too can our skin care routine change.

Climate and environmental factors can play havoc with our skin and even if you're on a super healthy diet and living in clean air, it would be rare to retain exactly the same 'skin type' all year round.

Even if you have dry skin, a summer holiday in the Mediterranean would urge you to ditch thick moisturizing creams faced with 35 degrees centigrade and 90% humidity. Yet, a moisturizer would be necessary to protect your skin from the ravages of sun, salt and sand, not to mention wind.

Moisturizers can be light and still effective at keeping your skin protected and we feel they should be determined by our changing, seasonal moods and the climate as much as by any predetermined skin type category we 'belong' to.

Olentium's capsule skincare range looks not only at the effectiveness of the active botanicals in our formulas but also at the force of nature around us to create high-performance serums and oils that protect and work with the climate and seasons