How Botanical Face Serums Work Night Shift

Olentium's Ritual & Renew Beauty Oil has  the suffix 12/24 for the simple reason that we include 12 active botanical oils that really do work both day and night for your skin.

We've created a satin-feel to our beauty oil and the combination of oils absorb fast to leave a shine-free finish. But, we realise that not everyone likes the skin feel of a face oil as part of their morning ritual. 

So, if summer days are humid and hot, then use your botanical face serum at night because sleep and oil serums make wonderful bed fellows.

While you'll have come across the oil serum trend for a long while now, you may not know the reasoning behind why they work so hard on the first visible signs of ageing skin, and why they've replaced the heavy night creams of yesteryear. This post aims to give you a taster of the skin science behind their efficacy and also introduce you to some amazing active ingredients to look out for in a face serum.

Sleep and Skin - the link

Sleep is something we all need, but many of us may crave it more than we actually get it. In this era of technology til the moment we head to bed, our brain can remain active. Yet, hours of sleep allow for the natural Circadian cycle of downtime and rest to kick in and for the body to renew and revitalise itself - skin cells included. Tip: no screen time for at least an hour before you head to bed can help us relax and rewind.

Unfortunately, a poor sleep routine can not only have an impact on your health and energy levels, but it can also take a real toll on your skin too. The result is lacklustre skin that just won’t cooperate no matter what excellent products you may apply to it.

At Olentium, we rely on natural, plant botanicals to not only treat your skin, but also feed it with nutrients that sink deep into your pores, delivering powerful active ingredients to provide noticeable results. However, for a product such as a botanical oil serum to truly work its magic on your skin, you need to be asleep.

When your skin is going through a renewal process at night, it will work in synergy with your serum to plump, firm and hydrate your skin so that you can wake up looking refreshed to face the day.

What Happens To My Skin When I Sleep?

During the day, when you are awake, your body operates under the sympathetic nervous system. This state ensures that blood flow is concentrated towards your core. When you sleep, your body enters into a parasympathetic state known as peripheral vasodilation. This state encourages blood flow closer to the skin, which helps to keep your skin cells nourished and functioning as they should.

When your blood flow is closer to your dermis and epidermis, your blood will carry oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells, as well as carry away free radicals and toxins. This is therefore the ideal time to have applied a serum that works at a cellular level; for example, antioxidants in your serum will sink into pores that have been cleared from any waste products, allowing your serum to truly get to work.

A consistent lack of sleep or even poor quality sleep means that fluids that remain near the skin, as well as any toxins, are not able to be properly transported out of the body, resulting in fluid retention, which shows up as puffy skin and under-eye circles.

Our skin cells are constantly regenerating, however, this process is at its best during the “golden hours” of sleep between 11pm and 4am, peaking around 2am. Important structural proteins such as collagen, necessary for skin repair, may not surge as they should, if you don’t get a proper night’s rest.

Botanical Face Serums Work Overtime At Night

The following are especially beneficial restorative and anti-ageing ingredients that will ensure your skin matures gracefully, and is more likely to retain a natural, healthy glow. Many of our choice night skincare active botanicals are natural seed oils; some that have been known in skincare since ancient times; and others, that are new to ingredients lists:

Hibiscus Seed Oil - an on-trend skin care treat

This exotic flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) is much loved in our part of the world here in the Mediterranean. It is not only brimming with free-radical fighting antioxidants, it’s often referred to as the 'botox plant’ due to its ability to enhance the skin's elasticity.

It does this by retarding activity of the enzyme elastase which is responsible for breaking down elastin in our skin. This makes it an excellent anti-ageing ingredient for a restorative nighttime face serum. Its rather 'on trend' now but has been a favourite of ours for some time as we look primarily at Mediterranean region botanicals for our ingredients.

Borage seed oil

Borage oil, extracted from the tiny seeds of the star-blue flowering Borago officinalis, has an array of anti-ageing benefits. It aids in skin regeneration, adds hydration and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. What makes this one a standout among botanical face serum ingredients is its ability to penetrate deep into the epidermis, where it nourishes the cells, and promotes cellular turnover.

Vitamin vitality to brighten dull skin

Vitamin C is known as the beauty vitamin as it helps to reduce inflammation in the skin, as well as promote the formation of collagen, ensuring your skin stays taut, plump and youthful with a radiant glow. Most vitamin C actives are water soluble but for our beauty oil we use an esterised form of the vitamin - Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate - which is an oil-soluble and highly stable form of vitamin C.

It can be absorbed transdermally where it is in effect converted into vitamin C. Its key properties include its capacity to inhibit the synthesis of melanin and reduce signs of melanin already present. It also activates the collagen tissue directly at the base of the skin, accelerates collagen production and prevents skin ageing as well as having a role as an anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant.

Vitamin C's antioxidant elements help scavenge free radicals that damage the skin and accelerate ageing.

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