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expensive natural perfumes

Why Natural Perfumes Are Expensive

Would you pay $650 for a 50ml botanical perfume? Some do. Perfume's price is subjective as perfumery can be considered art. We take a look at why some natural perfumes are so expensive.
how to wear botanical perfume - 6 tips

6 Tips on Wearing Botanical Perfumes

6 practical tips to help you wear botanical perfumes to their full potential, appreciating their complex nature and overcoming criticisms of their sillage and longevity.
Perfume Vocabulary

Parlez Parfums: Perfume Vocabulary & Fragrance Terms

Do you know a perfume's sillage from its impact? Or a perfume's modifier from a fixative? Our perfume vocabulary guide helps you better explore, buy and wear perfumes to suit your expectations.
why we wear perfume

Reasons Why We Wear Perfume

Have you ever wondered why you wear perfume? We try to unravel some 25 intimate reasons for wearing fragrance.
marine notes in perfume

Scents of Summer: Marine Notes in Natural Perfume

Marine notes in perfume are notoriously hard for the natural perfumer to create? Not so! As you can't smell the sea, just the flora and fauna of shoreline and ocean, the natural perfumer has rich inspiration and freedom.
tips on buying natural perfumes

10 Tips on Buying Natural Perfume

Buying natural perfumes can be tricky and come loaded with preconceptions. Our 10 tips are packed with insights to power your perfume buying choices.
mothers day perfume

The Scent of a Woman: Mother’s Day Perfume

Choosing a perfect mother's day perfume is to know the woman behind the epithet of 'mother'. Don't be swayed by the latest fragrance, trends nor advertising. Our perfume buying guide pushes you to delve deep into your relationship to bring your mother a gift that can hold special meaning for you both.
smuding and incense rituals

Smudging, ritual incense burning as spiritual spring cleaning

Smudging, a sacred ritual or trending buzz word for spring cleaning? We take a look at the origins, hype and realities about smudging - the ancient practice of burning aromatics to cleanse our spaces and clarify our minds.
perfumery resources

Perfumery Resources for Scent Lovers

Online and offline resources for scent lovers. Perfumeries, scent blogs, scent subscription boxes and services along with ideas for fragrance swapping events in New York and London. A guide for the fumehead to discover more.