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is perfume sustainable

How Sustainable is Your Natural Perfume?

How does the perfume consumer know if they are buying sustainable natural perfume? A look at the issues from field to flacon that face the perfumer in creating truly eco-friendly, sustainable perfume.
Best botanical notes for spring perfumes

Top 10 Best Spring Perfumes

Spring sees us yearn for scents to echo lighter, warmer days. See our top 10 spring perfume scents to wear this season.
how to make perfume last

How to Make Perfume Last Longer

Make your natural perfume last longer with these simple tips. But the question is whether longevity really what we should be aiming for in a perfume?
Top Perfume instagrammers

10 Top Perfume Instagrammers to Follow

Edit of 10 top perfume Instagrammers to follow in 2019 from industry professional nez and indie perfumers to critical fragrance reviewers.
Niche perfumeries in Paris, a walk in Le Marais

Discovering Niche Perfumeries in Paris

Paris is synonymous with glitzy big name perfume houses. But I walked the Right Bank rues to discover the best niche perfumeries in Paris.
Chanel No 5 limited edition

Chanel No.5 vs Gabrielle: perfume review

As giant, ruby red Chanel No 5 limited edition 2018 decorate London this Christmas, I compare the feted No 5 with her namesake frag of 2017.
buy botanical perfumes

How To Enjoy & Sample Botanical Perfumes

The beauty of natural botanical perfumes is their complexity and personality. I've some tips on how to get to know them so you can appreciate and sample them at their best.
Best notes in autumn perfumes

Perfect Notes for Autumn Perfumes

It's the season to wrap up in a new autumn perfume. Our guide helps you discover the perfect warming perfumery notes to lift the spirits as shorter, colder days start.
Top 10 oud perfumes

Discover Oud Perfumes: a top 10

Oud notes in perfume can be a touch difficult to enjoy; edgy and unpredictable, overdosed or tempered to western fashion tastes. Oud or Agarwood may be mainstreaming but remains deep, dark and mysterious depending on the perfumer's desire. Explore oud.