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Mood of Olentium Le Parfum

Perfume Mood – Olentium Le Parfum

The mood of Olentium Le Parfum, our brand's signature fragrance. Its notes, the images it evokes, and the season and the personality to wear it.
Guide to perfume strengths

The complete guide to perfume strengths

Do you know your eau de toilette from your eau de parfum and what about cologne, extrait and plain and simple parfum? Our guide to perfume strengths has you sorted.
How to choose your wedding perfume

How to choose your wedding perfume

Choose your wedding fragrance as a talisman for your special day. Our guide helps you choose a wedding perfume to love now and cherish forever.
Olentium Le Parfum, a Mediterranean fragrance

Olentium Le Parfum, a Mediterranean fragrance story

Olentium Le Parfum, a Mediterranean fragrance that island hops from Capri to Sicily and Malta. A genderless citrus-floral with herbal notes.
Arancia silk scarf luxe beach accessory

5 Luxury Beach Accessories for Riviera Chic

Our top 5 luxury beach accessories to get you on vacation in style. Retro, timeless and sophisticated slow fashion to wear for summer to come.
mimosa in skincare and perfume

Mimosa Flower Oil: uplifting for your skin & soul

Mimosa is a signature of spring in the Mediterranean. Musky, sweet, herbacious mimosa is a complex mid note featuring in Olentium Le Parfum.
Train your sense of smell

How to Train your Sense of Smell

Our dumbed-down, denigrated sense of smell - our so-called 5th sense - is rarely used to its full potential. But you can rekindle it to live a more scentsational life!
Leather notes in perfume

Leather Perfume Notes & 7 Leather Fragrances

Leather perfume notes and a top 7 leather fragrances to love and live in like an old leather jacket. Discover alluring and animalic leathers.
Top niche perfume brands

5 Niche Perfume Brands You Must Try

What exactly is a niche perfume brand? We define niche suggesting a top 5 not only niche but also natural European perfume brands to explore.