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Best Vetiver perfumes for men and women

Fragrant Roots: 8 Best Vetiver Perfumes for Men and Women

Vetiver, the ultimate note for both men's and women's perfumes. From sweet and resinous to earthy and smoky, we pick 8 best vetiver perfumes.
Olentium Bal Baroque Art & Olfaction Awards 2024 Finalist

Bal Baroque – Finalist, Art & Olfaction Awards 2024

Bal Baroque Eau de Parfum is a finalist in the Art & Olfaction Awards 2024. Explore the backstory of this vanilla-amber fragrance from Malta.
Fiorissima white floral fragrance

Fiorissima Eau de Parfum: a White Floral Fragrance for Spring into Summer

We tour the 80s' iconic big white floral fragrances and explore our own Fiorissima EDP, with its glamour, romance and opulence in notes of gardenia, tuberose and jasmine.
Advantages of Oil Perfumes

Why Oil Perfumes are a Must-Have in your Collection

Oil perfumes are trending and a millennia-old way to deliver fragrance with surprising advantages over alcohol-based perfume. Find out why.
Layer perfume

Everything you need to know about layering perfume

If you layer perfume, you need to read this guide. What is layering perfume and how to choose the best perfumes to layer, plus the safety issues.
Rose Saudade Eau de Parfum - the story

From Rose to Perfume: Olentium’s Rose Saudade Unveiled

From rose to perfume, the story of our everlasting love of roses and their scents. Niche perfumery Olentium on the backstory to Rose Saudade.
Best men's colognes

Cologne couture: 6 reasons to love classic men’s colognes in 2024

We all love a timeless cologne. These 5 best classic men's colognes are gender-neutral fragrance cool for everyone from Gen Z and millennials to the more mature among us.
Boschetto Cologne Intense product page

Breathing Botanicals with Boschetto Cologne Intense

Olentium Boschetto Cologne Intense launches spring 2024. 95% natural, cedar- and vetiver-forward Boschetto is a contemporary take on the classic Italian cologne.
fragrance vs fragrance-free cosmetics

The Fragrance vs Fragrance-Free Debate in Cosmetics

Fragrance vs fragrance free cosmetics - is that the question we should ask ourselves? We look at the complex web of fragrance industry issues from allergens to sustainability.