mothers day perfume

The Scent of a Woman: Mother’s Day Perfume

Choosing a perfect mother's day perfume is to know the woman behind the epithet of 'mother'. Don't be swayed by the latest fragrance, trends nor advertising. Our perfume buying guide pushes you to delve deep into your relationship to bring your mother a gift that can hold special meaning for you both.
smuding and incense rituals

Smudging, incense rituals for spring cleansing

Smudging, a sacred ritual or trending buzz word for spring cleaning? We take a look at the origins, hype and realities about smudging - the ancient practice of burning aromatics to cleanse our spaces and clarify our minds.
perfumery resources

Perfumery Resources for Scent Lovers

Online and offline resources for scent lovers. Perfumeries, scent blogs, scent subscription boxes and services along with ideas for fragrance swapping events in New York and London. A guide for the fumehead to discover more.
Perfumery as art

The Art of the Matter: Is Perfumery Art?

The debate about Perfumery as Art is an unending story. We take a look at the parallels, some of the personalities and talk about the personal views that go into working out this riddle.
Perfume oils, balms and solid perfumes

Perfume Oils & Balms: Seductive Scented Skincare

Perfume balms and scented oils are scent's best kept secret. Not only are they tactile, sensuous carriers of scent heralding from ancient times, but they are also rich in lipids, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins of great benefit in our skincare regime.
Neroli perfume

Neroli Oil, the Queen of Perfumery & Skincare

Neroli Oil is one of our most beloved notes in our perfumer's palette. Crossing the citrus and floral notes, neroli is a must-have in our Mediterranean perfumes.
top perfume bloggers

15 Top Perfume Blogs: the Olentium Edit

Our top 15 edit of top perfume blogs making scented sound waves. We've chosen a serendipitous selection of perfume industry, consumer and creators' blogs which cover the perfumery world in depth.