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Arancia silk scarf luxe beach accessory

5 Luxury Beach Accessories for Riviera Chic

Our top 5 luxury beach accessories to get you on vacation in style. Retro, timeless and sophisticated slow fashion to wear for summer to come.
mimosa in skincare and perfume

Mimosa Flower Oil: uplifting for your skin & soul

Mimosa is a signature of spring in the Mediterranean. Musky, sweet, herbacious mimosa is a complex mid note featuring in Olentium Le Parfum.
Train your sense of smell

Train your Nose to Appreciate Perfumes

Our dumbed-down, denigrated sense of smell - our so-called 5th sense - is rarely used to its full potential. But you can rekindle it to live a more scentsational life!
Leather notes in perfume

Leather Perfume Notes & 7 Leather Fragrances

Leather perfume notes and a top 7 leather fragrances to love and live in like an old leather jacket. Discover alluring and animalic leathers.
Top niche perfume brands

5 Niche Perfume Brands You Must Try

What exactly is a niche perfume brand? We define niche suggesting a top 5 not only niche but also natural European perfume brands to explore.
citrus perfumes for all year round

Beyond Bergamot: Citrus Perfumes to love all year

Citrus perfumes are not just for summer. We review a top pick of citrus-note fragrances to demo their magic in all fragrance families.
leather notes in perfume history

Perfume’s Love of Leather: a history

Leather perfumes are perfumery’s unrequited love affair. Our brief history of leather perfumes takes you from its origins in 16th century Florence and French tanneries to 20th century decadence.
REasons to love using perfume oils

Perfume Oils: 4-in-1 Fragrant Beauty

Discover 4 incredible benefits of using natural perfume oils in your beauty regime. Both perfume & carrier oils can be effective in skincare.
Can you use Perfume as Hand Sanitizer FAQs

Perfume as Hand Sanitizer: Q&A

Can you use up old perfume as hand sanitizer? We examine what hand sanitizer is and how it works and why perfume isn't always a good replacement.