Eco-luxe ethos

Luxury should not come at the expense of the world

Eco-luxe ethos

Enjoying luxury should not be at the expense of the natural world nor of ethical human endeavour. Mindful of our footprint and the wastage that is all too rife in the fashion and beauty worlds, Olentium is taking the steps we can, at the junctures we can, in our journey into business to reduce, recycle and reuse. We present and package our products in way to help you, our customers, to do the same.

Our Perfumes

Our first choice is naturals and/or natural cosmetic-compatible ingredients for our fragrances and we use aroma chemicals when necessary to extend important facets of our perfumes and to enhance their staying power. We strive to understand our supply chains and work with respected partners to ensure our ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Our perfumes are free of phthalates, mineral-oil derivatives, artificial colourants, parabens and formaldehydes and are vegan lifestyle compatible.

We seek to purchase our perfume oils as close to home as possible, and prioritise as choices those that originate in the Mediterranean region and the EU, particularly France and Italy. An example of this is our citrus oils which set the scene in our Olentium Le Parfum, eau de parfum.

Our Silk

Our silk foulards are custom made for us by a small silk fashion house in Italy, near Como, which has been the centre of luxury Italian silk manufacture since the 15th century. Each item is crafted with care and consideration for the planet. The inks used comply with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Our Packaging

We are proud to partner a small British box manufacturer in Cornwall, UK, which makes our custom foulards’ boxes by hand using traditional papercraft methods. They use board ranging from 70% recycled paper pulp to FSC-approved board; all are fully recyclable.  They, like us, take sustainability to heart and you can read all about their commitment here.

Our perfume flacons can be recycled. Just remove the atomiser with pliers and dispose of the glass flacon and plastic spray responsibly. We procure from a large, established French glass manufacturer that works to ISO9001 standards.

You can return the empty glass flacon to us for a 10% discount on your next purchase of either perfume or foulards.