Our story begins on islands at the centre of the Mediterranean

Olentium niche fine fragrances are crafted on Malta; islands at the near centre of the Mediterranean. We draw inspiration from the flora, culture, history and literature of the region and the sea that surrounds us.

Our perfumes capture the sensuality and soul of our spirited home region, with each fragrance intended as a scented vignette of Mediterranean island life.

Olentium, in loose translation from its Latin roots, means ‘of scent, smell or odour’. We seek out perfumery materials that have a long history of use in the Mediterranean to craft contemporary fragrances designed for everyone.

Our style is mid-century “Riviera” living in terms of classic scent structure and brand design. We admire and echo the greats of 20th century perfumery, especially Italian fragrances, but bring a carefree, artisanal edge to our work.

Our Home

Olentium is based on the Maltese Archipelago, that was once the crossroads of ancient trade routes shipping precious oils, silks and spices.  The Maltese Islands have been influenced for millennia by cultures, empires and nations thousands of miles east and west.

Attracted by Malta’s strategic location and deep, safe harbours, the islands were ruled by a long line of cultures, from the Romans, Arabs and Normans, to the Knights of St John, the French and the British.

Today, the small archipelago is sought out by travelers for its inherent sense of well-being and relaxed, but very much contemporary Mediterranean lifestyle.

Liz Grech, Founder Olentium

The Founder

Anglo-Maltese Olentium founder Liz Grech started out in magazine journalism and digital communications. Pivoting interests, Liz gained a diploma in organic cosmetic formulation, and then trained in natural perfumery with a leading industry perfume evaluator.

She uses a high percentage of botanicals in her largely mixed-media perfumes, drawing first on those native to the Mediterranean. Olentium blends are enhanced with precious oils from further afield and a select palette of synthetics that favours nature-identical and biotech ingredients.

Liz launched Olentium to merge her life-long passion for fragrance with her desire to share the sense of well-being inherent in Mediterranean life.

Liz designs Olentium fragrances in her atelier-lab in a Maltese village house.