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Bal Baroque drips with elegance making you feel like a million dollar celebrity.
R. G., Malta
Fiorissima, a luscious and heady white floral that glides through the heat of a Mediterranean summer’s day.
C., France
Olentium Le Parfum - olfactory magic rich in natural ingredients, completely unisex, and very long lasting.
Letty, Malta
Ever-so-slightly seductive for balmy evenings. Olentium Parfum reminds me of my summer holidays in Capri!
S.H., Italy
Rose Saudade is the joy of the second flourish of roses, but the scent is more complex, with depth and opulence.
A.P., UK

Your new signature scent

Le Parfum

The essence of favourite Mediterranean islands
lived on, loved, visited and longed for.

Notes of lemon, mandarin, bergamot, myrtle, basil, ginger,
orange blossom, cypress, amber and musk.

Olentium Le Parfum is for everyone. The Mediterranean bottled.

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Fiorissima 15ml French flacon


Floral Fantasy

Inspired by the heady scents of an
exuberant Mediterranean garden,
Olentium’s debut floral is all about luscious white florals.

Notes of lime, bergamot, white grapefruit, tuberose,
jasmine, gardenia, ylang, vanilla, musk, cashmeran.