Slow Beauty Selfcare

Created in our atelier on a Mediterranean island, Olentium eco-conscious skincare and scents bring deserved luxury to everyday beauty rituals. We take inspiration from the relaxed vibe of sea and shore.

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Your hero product - Ritual & Restore Beauty Oil 12/24. A unique blend of 12 botanical oils designed for 24-hour use. Fast absorbing and with a satin feel, it is a balanced blend of both nourishing and matte oils. Ideal for who desire everyday luxe yet simple selfcare.

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Sensual Skincare

Inspired by Mediterranean shorelines, the first in our capsule skincare range launches later this autumn.

Enhanced with Mediterranean notes such as bergamot, neroli, fleur d'oranger and rose gallica, our products are crafted for slow scented beauty rituals.

We choose organic oils and floral waters whenever possible and strive to source only those we know the provenance of.

Discover our launch hero beauty oil...

“Our beauty lies within but great skincare releases its radiance”

Scented Well-being

Olentium, our Latin name, loosely means 'of scent, odor or smell'. Scent as therapeutic well-being is integral to all our formulations - skincare and scents.

Olentium Ritual & Restore Beauty Oil 12/24 is the first in our capsule spa skincare range. Our eco-luxe Eaux de Parfum arrive in early 2022. We ship our skincare worldwide.

Care for your skin sensually with Olentium luxury botanical rituals.